Our Policies:

All appointments will require a credit card on file in order to secure an appointment, (no charges will be applied until services are complete).

A Credit Card fee if 3.75% will be applied for all major credit card companies (Debit Cards included).

Cancelation/ reschedule/ no-show: All appointments will require a 48 hours' notice to be either canceled or rescheduled. Should an appointment be rescheduled/cancelled less than 48 hours a 50% of your pet's service will be charged, any appointment missed, cancelled or rescheduled on the same day will be 100% of the service cost.

Flea/ticks: Please keep in mind that your pets' services are being provided in Jenna's home. If your pet requires Flea/tick shampoo/removal, your pet will automatically be given a Flea/tick bath and a $25 charge will be applied.

Late Drop off: if your pet will not be arriving on time please send a text or call at your earliest knowledge.Late Drop offs may change the service that your pet receives. (ex. if your pet is scheduled for an all over haircut but did not arrive on time your pet may only receive a face, feet and sanitary trim) There will also be a late drop off fee of $1 p/m10-30 mins $10-$2530+mins will be subject to a no call/no show fee of 100% service cost.
*If youre having someone else drop off please let them know about the policies as they will apply to everyone without exception.

Pick up: all pets not picked up within 30 minutes after notification will a daycare fee of $10 for every 30 minutes.  ex: pooch was dropped of at 9 am, a notification was sent out at 11:30 am that pooch is ready for pick up. If pooch is not picked up by 12pm a $10 fee will be applied and so on.
*if youre having someone else pick up please let them know about the policies as the will apply to everyone without exception.

Rewash/Clean up fee: Once again keep in mind that your pets services will be applied in Jennas home. Before your pets designated appointment time please allow your pet to relieve themselves. If your pet should relieve themselves in Jennas care there will be a $15 clean up fee applied. Should your dog require a "Rewash" a $25 fee will also be applied.

Evaluation: if your pet has never been professionally groomed, professionally groomed in over 6 months or has never been groomed and is over 6 months old, your pet will require a $25 evaluation appointment. This will also apply to any pet who has been turned away or expelled, from another professional establishment.